The Top 5 Other Things The Cardinals Were Happy About

Yeah! Pujols looked like Pujols the other night against the Cubs when he dropped two bombs on them, the last of which in the 12th inning to seal the victory. Here’s what it looked like via the St. Louis Post Dispatch: A great moment to be sure with lots of happy little Cardinal faces…almost too happy. Sure a walk-off victory against the Cubs is great, but if you were really the best fans in baseball you would have kept watching the game and noticed a few other things followed Pujols down the baseline that elicited the same jubilant reaction. [Read More]

Photoshopping St. Louis: Mr. Edwards’ Trolley

Hey neighbors! It looks like Mr. Joe Edwards is getting his trolley! [T]he federal government is pitching in $25-million toward a trolley car that would run between University City and western parts of St. Louis. This $44-million total project would run trolley cars between City Hall down Delmar, then south on Debaliviere to the Missouri history museum on Debaliviere in Forest park. For a while it looked like it may never happen, but now it looks like it could be in place as soon as 2012, according to Edwards. [Read More]

St. Louis is Looking For 24 of You, and It Will Find You

According to the Globe-Democrat, managed to kill 24 less people in 2009 than in 2008. The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department reported there were 143 homicides recorded in the city for 2009. That’s 24 fewer than the 167 homicides reported in the city during 2008. Police departments record crimes such as homicides that become part of the FBI’s Uniform Crime statistics 24 of you got away…and St. Louis pissed. You think you’re going to get away with this? [Read More]

Comparing 101 ESPN’s Shadowy Host to JC Corcoran’s Head

I made a quick mention in my Friday night post about 101 ESPN and JC Corcoran that even the shadowy figure in the 101 ESPN banner looks a hell of a lot like JC. Well if there’s anything that screamed “Photoshop me some more evidence!” this is it right? Bam: Would 101 be already making banners but still not ready to make an announcement? Who knows, but I’ll be dammed if that shadow doesn’t look exactly like JC’s noggin. [Read More]