Every Local Reference in the Simpsons

We might be a forgotten metro area to some, but not the Simpsons! The townsfolk of Springfield love to make St. Louis references and some guy on the internet has pulled all those references together in to one YouTube video…why? Because the internet is awesome! One notable Simpsons St. Louis moment is when Cardinal slugger (and now hitting coach) Mark McGwire visited Sprinfield to cover up an MLB conspiracy by hitting homeruns and hiding documents under his large hat (pictured above). [Read More]

Comic Book Guy Standoff: Please Do Not Arrest Me on the Display Case, It Contains a Valuable Mary Worth

Oh, loneliness and cheeseburgers are a dangerous mix. It took St. Louis police 3 and a half hours to peaceably coax suspected rapist and comic book shop owner, Kenneth McClure, to put down his weapon and come out of his south Hampton store, Legends Comics & Sports Cards. Police said McClure was armed when the officers arrived and refused to leave the building. They said he was the only person involved. [Read More]

Lost Finally Ends and KDNL Gives Us…The Simpsons?!

The show many, including all of us at Punching Kitty headquarters, have been dissecting and mulling over for six awesome years finally came to a close Sunday night in a tense and dare we say, tear educing ending. Then, just as the show faded to black with that familiar Lost white lettering, while you were just taking that deep breath and turning to the person next to you on the couch to talk about it St. [Read More]
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