Lost Finally Ends and KDNL Gives Us…The Simpsons?!

The show many, including all of us at Punching Kitty headquarters, have been dissecting and mulling over for six awesome years finally came to a close Sunday night in a tense and dare we say, tear educing ending. Then, just as the show faded to black with that familiar Lost white lettering, while you were just taking that deep breath and turning to the person next to you on the couch to talk about it St. Louis Lost fans heard a familiar but out-of-place theme song ramp up: The Simpsons.

Confused? You weren’t the only one.

Although reactions varied on Twitter, confusion reigned.  Allow your buddy Punching Kitty to shine some light on things.

You see ABC is a big network and has lots of good solid affiliates all around the country, affiliates that will gladly show Lost as long as they have a break before showing the Jimmy Kimmel after-show special. St. Louis isn’t one of them though. KDNL, the St. Louis ABC affiliate, canned it’s local news long ago…and what is a local affiliate with no local news to show in the 25 minutes between one of the most epic finale’s of all time and the after show talking about one of the greatest finales of all time?

The Simpsons of course!

Do you think that they could have maybe used the time better? Maybe with a local after-show where St. Louisans can respond to the TV event to keep the thrill going until handing off to Kimmel? Nah…they’d rather just show a rerun of a show that made as little sense as possible so that people would be confused and change the channel.

Well played KDNL. [Editor’s Note: Come to think of it KDNL, you might not understand sarcasm, so what we really mean is that you are retarded.]

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