Lincoln County Girl Lost in Woods for Seven Hours Comes Home to Weird Dad

10-year-old Rachel Wilkerson is back home after following her dog deep in to the woods of Cuiver River State Park and getting lost for roughly seven hours Friday. After leaving to walk the family dog Rachel said “Manger” ran off after some squirrels and after chasing him she couldn’t find her way home. The dog did though and when he came home without their daughter mom and dad called the police. [Read More]

Lost Finally Ends and KDNL Gives Us…The Simpsons?!

The show many, including all of us at Punching Kitty headquarters, have been dissecting and mulling over for six awesome years finally came to a close Sunday night in a tense and dare we say, tear educing ending. Then, just as the show faded to black with that familiar Lost white lettering, while you were just taking that deep breath and turning to the person next to you on the couch to talk about it St. [Read More]
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