Virginia Kerr to Get Bumped to “Great Day” by Her Brunette Clone

Virginia Kerr, St. Louis’ news sweetheart, after famously tweeting about her sniz during labor, has been on maternity leave from her morning anchor post at KMOV who quickly found a brunette version of Kerr to fill the spot while she’s gone, one Claire Kellett. We have no idea how Claire is doing in her fill-in duties because we don’t get up that early and prefer to get our news from every other place ever, but apparently she’s doing just fine because now Brunette Virginia is in and Blonde Virginia is out. [Read More]

Keith Olberman Gives St. Louis Pundit Dana Loesch a TV Hug on Return Show

After being “indefinitely” suspended for all of 4 days, two of them being weekend days he doesn’t work anyway, MSNBC’s Keith Olberman sat his ass back down in his leftist cable pundit throne Tuesday night. Not until the end of his show did Olberman really address his suspecition because of violating a NBC News policy for not previously seeking permission before making private campaign donations. This clip below is a chunk of his statement on his suspension and subsequent rebirth from a trashcan fire no one was really all that worried about, right after he told everyone he did nothing wrong and right before he played a whole Daily Show segment… [Read More]

Steve Jackson Talks About Rams Receivers, Lockouts and Hair on the T. Ocho Show

Where can the St. Louis Rams all-time leading rusher go to talk about the lack or Rams receivers, a possible NFL lockout and how great his hair is, all while looking like he’s getting his senior photo taken? Versus T. Ocho show!

The awkward show, hosted by…um…it doesn’t matter, with controversial Cincinnati wide receivers Terrell Owens and Chad Ocho Cinco on a big screen, has a weekly guest that the two receivers mumble questions at while the host tries to save the show and try not to catch a look at himself in something reflective and have an instant suicidal reaction to where he career has lead him.

On how T.O. was nearly a Ram this past offseason:

Owens: “I was like…litterally 24 hours away from being in St. Louis and this T. Ocho wouldn’t be possible right now.

Jackson: No it wouldn’t man. You know. We would have been a good tag-team, bro, you know. You wouldn’t have to fight for catches around here, I’ll tell you that.

[Awkward laughing]

On the differences in the show if Jackson was one of the hosts:

Jackson: It seems that you are lacking some style, some hair. I would bring a whole different angle from it.

On the possibility of an NFL lockout next year:

Jackson: Well the lockout is definitely possible. It’s something we need to be conscious about and we tell the young kids to save their money and be prepared for a lockout.

Interesting, but stupid…just like Terrell Owens himself. The important thing is that none of that stupid transfered to our boy SJ39. You’re cool, right Steve?!

Well, crap.

(Full video after the jump!)

via Saturday’s Bernie Bits

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Kurt Warner a Possible Dancing With the Stars Entrant?

Could retired Arizona Cardinals quarterback and St. Louis demi-god, Kurt Warner, is rumored to be in the next set of has-beens/trying-to-bes on the ABC show Dancing With the Stars. Kurt Warner, formerly of Arizona and St. Louis, who is reportedly under consideration for the fall season of DWTS. So reports Lisa de Moraes, the Washington Post’s television columnist from the annual summer critics tour. While DWTS has previously hosted running backs (Emmitt Smith), wide receivers (Jerry Rice) and defensive linemen (Warren Sapp) , Warner would be the first quarterback to be a contestant on the show. [Read More]

KSDK Hitches It’s Wagon to the Worst Football Team in NFL (Rams)

We know what you are thinking: “Gosh I wish there were more shows about football on, and specifically shows about the worst team in the league.” Well buddy, we have a surprise for you! KSDK-TV said Tuesday that it will launch a new, half-hour Sunday morning sports program in September as part of a new agreement with the St. Louis Rams. Tentatively titled “Rams Tailgate,” the magazine-type program will showcase the lives of Rams players and coaches both on and off the field, the television station said, and “go beyond the traditional X’s and O’s of typical football pregame programs. [Read More]
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Lost Finally Ends and KDNL Gives Us…The Simpsons?!

The show many, including all of us at Punching Kitty headquarters, have been dissecting and mulling over for six awesome years finally came to a close Sunday night in a tense and dare we say, tear educing ending. Then, just as the show faded to black with that familiar Lost white lettering, while you were just taking that deep breath and turning to the person next to you on the couch to talk about it St. [Read More]
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Science Proves That the Rams Made a Good Pick in the Fourth Round

Maybe you thought the Rams should have picked a wide receiver earlier in the draft to give St. Louis’ newest leading man, Sam Bradford a target for his first year in the bigs, but ESPN’s Sports Science is here to tell you that the Rams did just fine getting a wide receiver in the fourth round with Mardy Gilyard from the University of Cincinnati. In this clip from earlier this year, the white guy with that same hair cut every TV host not named Regis has walks you through why Mardy (yup, with a d) is no slouch. [Read More]

Joe Buck’s Show Got Cancelled

St. Louis’ own sports talkin’ prodigy Joe Buck’s HBO show has been cancelled, which is quite a statement if you can’t even get people that pay for the privilege to get the network to watch your show. Buck’s show kind of got rating when Artie Lange of the Howard Stern Show and Dirty Work (the greatest movie ever made) made the first episode about as awkward as walking in on your mom going at it with some guy you went to high school with…and then Artie Lange comes in. [Read More]

John Gadson isn’t Very Good at Reporting Stuff

Update: Fox2’s Charlie Marlow wasn’t happy about this post because John Gadson had a brain tumor that caused these symptoms, which was unknown at the time. Marlow sent us a lovely note about it. We disagree on its level of hypocrisy. Obviously we wish John the best in his battle with cancer. Original post follows… According to local news station KTVI, Fox 2 John Gadson has been a reporter there for 10 years which is surprising since I’ve never seen him before until this report crossed our desk. [Read More]

Virginia Kerr’s Hot Reporter Competition: Fox2’s April Simpson

Virginia Kerr’s Hot Reporter Competition: Fox2’s April Simpson
Watch out Virginia Kerr, your spot at the top of the “cute TV news reporter” food chain might just be in trouble. Yes, Kerr still has the KMOV crowd on lock, but the overall title isn’t quite the blowout it once was and what some people think it still is. We always knew April Simpson from KTVI Fox2 was cute, but after her Twitter picture (below) flashed across our desktop the other day betwixt the other updates of the day, we might have mentally broken up with Kerr and moved to Team Simpson. [Read More]