Fox2 Sports Broadcast: Headline Goes Here

Fox2 got really really close to getting their graphic about the Mets and Cardinals game right. Sure they missed the score, the two lines of notes, and the fact that we’re talking about baseball teams rather than the NFL, but they did get the names right, and judging by the shot, it did appear on TV. Lets call it a 4 out of 10. We don’t want to be too hard on them though, for all we know they probably just fired the guy that does that for them so now they’ve got some schmuck like “friends of the site” Charles Jaco or Chuckie Marlow who are back there at the controls in between one Chuck botching Todd Akin interviews, and the other holding the camera up in one hand MySpace-style, while he covers local high school football games. [Read More]
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Todd Akin is Legitimately Retarded

At some point Sunday you probably heard about Senate hopeful, current Representative Todd Akin‘s thoughts on rape and abortion while talking to enemy-of-the-site Charles Jaco on Fox2. It’s been kind of a big story: “It seems to me, from what I understand from doctors, that’s really rare,” Mr. Akin said of pregnancies from rape. “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down. [Read More]

KTVI, Fox 2, is Horrible at Twitter

Fox 2 sucks at Twitter. We know this not because we follow @fox2now, we know this because we found, and now love, Who would have thought Fox2 would be bad at Twitter? Fox 2, KTVI, is/was the home of the famed “Web Center”, but they screw up headline tweets like nobody’s business. You may think Tweeting out new headlines with a link to the story sounds simple to do manually, or even something one could automate very easily, but here we are with mangled headline tweets such as: [Read More]

Fox 2 Cleans House, but Adds Hot Reporter From Oklahoma

9:45am — Updated to reflect more information clarifying John Auble’s status. A couple of interesting and corroborating reports in our tip line inbox today about the two-headed local news team of Fox2 and KPLR (11). According to both our tipster and our other source, spring cleaning is in full effect in the on-air news department by both traditional firings and medical leave. Here’s a summary of what we’ve heard, starting with the slightly stale news and going from there: [Read More]
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Fox2’s Randi Naughton Used to Work at the Buffalo Playboy Club

It’s no secret our favorite member of the Fox2 morning show is John Pertzborn (file photo), but, as KTRS jock JC Corcoran points out, there’s more talent on that morning roster than Pertzborn. Just as I was leaving Buffalo, N.Y. for St. Louis way back in 1984 there was a rising, young star on the local TV scene there by the name of Randi Naughton. A native of Niagra Falls, she had the looks to have done a stint at the Buffalo Playboy Club. [Read More]

Maria Spagnuolo Will Haunt Your Dreams

Did you watch the Super Bowl on Fox? Then you’ve already seen what we’re going to talk about: Those “One on One with Maria Spanguolo” spots. Ahhhh! Damn Fox2, could have done any creepier lighting on the Rams head coache’s wife? All shadowy and has that effect where no matter what place you stand, she looks like she will put your child in a giant black pot with a boiling water and a few cut up carrots. [Read More]

Fox 2’s John Brown Gets Beat Up by a Little Cardinal

Found on YouTube: KTVI Fox2’s John Brown gets bit by a Cardinal he was holding at the bird sanctuary. He apparently had named the little red cardinal “Albert”…not sure why. Don’t see any connection there. If he was making a joke, he should really come off his high horse and do something more relatable, because who knows what he was referring to. Maybe John will explain the obscure reference needed to understand why naming a cardinal “Albert” would be funny. [Read More]

We Got Fanmail From Fox2’s Charlie Marlow Last Night!

We love fanmail around here and there is no organization that sends better fanmail than your local Fox affilate, channel 2 on your sets and 1 in your hearts, Fox2! I believe you all recall when Fox2’s Charles Jaco sent a letter of appreciation our way last December: “We Got a Letter From Charles Jaco Last Night!” We remember it like it was yesterday. It was folded in to the shape of a swan and it smelled like bubblegum! [Read More]

Fox2′s “Web Center” is Apparently a Closet With a Computer in it

“Live in the Web Center. This is George Sells, Fox2 news.” The Web Center?! We were going to do exactly what every pseudo-news outpost is supposed to do in St. Louis and bite on this story that some St. Louis company is going to map Ozzy Osbourne’s DNA and will undoubtedly uncover amazing truths and far too many bat head biting references to count, but when watching the clip about the story on Fox2’s site just now, something else caught our attention… [Read More]

Pelican Bites Guy in the Balls on Fox 2

Oh you wacky morning shows where you leave the studio for the craziness of the hallway. Wait a minute! Birds aren’t supposed to be out here! Right in the balls. Always funny. Thank God the bird went over that guy though and didn’t decide to tug on anything below the belt on Randi Naughton. That would have just been awkward and then embarrassing in a very weird way for John Pertzborn. [Read More]