Fox2’s Randi Naughton Used to Work at the Buffalo Playboy Club

It’s no secret our favorite member of the Fox2 morning show is John Pertzborn (file photo), but, as KTRS jock JC Corcoran points out, there’s more talent on that morning roster than Pertzborn. Just as I was leaving Buffalo, N.Y. for St. Louis way back in 1984 there was a rising, young star on the local TV scene there by the name of Randi Naughton. A native of Niagra Falls, she had the looks to have done a stint at the Buffalo Playboy Club. [Read More]

Awesome Story From the Past: Randi Naughton and Her Breasts Hate Ricky Lamming

We’ve only been posting here at Punching Kitty for about a year and a half, but its not the only time we’ve taken a moment to enjoy how amazingly weird St. Louis really is. Take for instance this story about Fox 2 anchor Randi Naughton and her admirer Ricky Lamming which we originally wrote for Hell Yeah Bitch! .com. We recently ran across this old story and well, consider this a Punching Kitty prequel. [Read More]