One Year Ago: The Top 8 May 2010 Posts

We thought it might be fun, as May draws to a close, to pull up some of the biggest posts from a year ago. So we dug back in to the archives and found some of the favorites from May 2010 when we were all a year younger, slightly more innocent and Joplin, Missouri still existed. 05.14.2010: “Crown Candy Record Breaker Lied About His Identity” — It was one year ago when we broke the story about the Crown Candy Malt Challenge being destroyed by a mystery man. [Read More]

Awesome Story From the Past: Randi Naughton and Her Breasts Hate Ricky Lamming

We’ve only been posting here at Punching Kitty for about a year and a half, but its not the only time we’ve taken a moment to enjoy how amazingly weird St. Louis really is. Take for instance this story about Fox 2 anchor Randi Naughton and her admirer Ricky Lamming which we originally wrote for Hell Yeah Bitch! .com. We recently ran across this old story and well, consider this a Punching Kitty prequel. [Read More]