One Year Ago: The Top 8 May 2010 Posts

We thought it might be fun, as May draws to a close, to pull up some of the biggest posts from a year ago. So we dug back in to the archives and found some of the favorites from May 2010 when we were all a year younger, slightly more innocent and Joplin, Missouri still existed.


  1. 05.14.2010: “Crown Candy Record Breaker Lied About His Identity” — It was one year ago when we broke the story about the Crown Candy Malt Challenge being destroyed by a mystery man. The rest is history!
  2. 05.21.2010: “St. Louis Celebrates Harvey Milk With Kiss-In, Local Media Skips it to Cover Nothing” — Last year’s rant on the biais in local media. The only ones that responded was the Riverfront Times.
  3. 05.13.2010: “Albert Pujols Has a Cousin Named Harry” — Harry Poo-holes. This one pretty much wrote itself.
  4. 05.03.2010: “Ninjas Roam Town and Country” — When we saw the tip submission about this story we stopped reading about half way through, put our finger to the monitor and whispered “Shhh…You had me at ‘ninja’.”
  5. 05.24.2010: “Lost Finally Ends and KDNL Gives Us the Simpsons” — We miss you Lost!
  6. 05.11.2010: “KMOV Chases Storms and Annoys Twitter Followers” — Just seemed appropriate to include a severe weather post because next year when we do it, the list will be full of them.
  7. 05.27.2010: “Lacy Clay and Russ Carnahan Hate the Internet” — They may both still hate the internet, but Carnahan’s gone and Clay just focusing these days on thinking of even dumber ways to name bridges.
  8. 05.25.2010: “Top 5 Name Suggestions for that Dumb Owl” — We wonder why we never did check to see if they used any of our suggestions. Hmm. It’s probably because we don’t care.

If you’re new here, read up on some of the weird crap that happened in St. Louis last year and if you’ve been coming here for that long, it’s a great time to review!