St. Louis Celebrates Harvey Milk With Kiss-In, Local Media Skips It to Cover Nothing

May 16th marked the beginning of “Milk Week” and in St. Louis, it began with a “Kiss-In” at the downtown City Garden.

How did this event slip by us? You would have thought with all the media coverage it got there’s no way we could have possibly…oh that’s right the media didn’t cover this at all.

The other day we swear one of the new stations thought they were covering a protest on the steps of City Hall, but it turns out to be 3 homeless guys sleeping and one taking a crap in the corner. It seems like every little stinking event in the world one of our news stations covers it, but the Milk Week Kiss-In? …not so much.

Take a look at the video below. Is it really that “gross” that those two bearded gentlemen are kissing? No its not…no more than any other couple making out in public. We have some shocking news for the hoosier rocking a sleeveless mesh shirt and jorts reading this right now freaking out right now reading this: You and your wife the size of a baby elephant eating face isn’t exactly something I want to run across in public either…we have our hidden camera footage for that.

Seriously, it really doesn’t matter what side of this “issue” you are on. None of the stations mind covering the annual Pride Parade since everyone is sticking to the comfortable norms of being flamboyant, and as fun as that looks on film, this is arguably more newsworthy than the parade. Even if you disagree, its an event like any other that is covered any day, and don’t even try to pretend it wasn’t a big enough story because every one of the stations tries all week to pass off stories that consist of pure ether as news.

Exhibit A:

KMOV, channel 4: “8th grader flips teacher off; banned from graduation

KSDK, channel 5: “Infomercial pitchman Kevin Trudeau avoids time in Illinois jail

KTVI, channel 2: “University of Illinois Raising Tuition

No doubt that not one of those stories are more news worthy than a gay rights protest celebrating a, now well-known, slain politician. Not only are these stories perfect examples of that, but each of these outlets manages to find time to put at least three of their reporters in big hooded jackets in different, but equally nondescript locations throughout the city if we even see snowflake one. Maybe that would have been the move to ease the reporters in to, god forbid, covering something they weren’t interested in…let them wear their big station branded hooded jackets. Zip it all the way up though, you don’t want to let any of the gay in.

Well done St. Louis media. Keep up the slanted work.