Springfield Pastor Gives Surprising Equality Speech

This clip was everywhere over the weekend, but it’s pretty great and happened in Springfield: The clip shows a Springfield paster standing up at a city council meeting to discuss the city’s modification of the nondiscrimination ordinance to include sexual orientation and gender identity. Don’t get too excited. It’s still Missouri, so this great speech didn’t matter because Springfield’s council “tabled” the bill because they are pussies. via everywhere, but we saw it on Gawkerfirst. [Read More]

St. Louis Celebrates Harvey Milk With Kiss-In, Local Media Skips It to Cover Nothing

May 16th marked the beginning of “Milk Week” and in St. Louis, it began with a “Kiss-In” at the downtown City Garden. How did this event slip by us? You would have thought with all the media coverage it got there’s no way we could have possibly…oh that’s right the media didn’t cover this at all. The other day we swear one of the new stations thought they were covering a protest on the steps of City Hall, but it turns out to be 3 homeless guys sleeping and one taking a crap in the corner. [Read More]

Prop 8 Maps Reveals Surprisingly Low Bigot Numbers in St. Louis Area

The controversial web mash-up of the public list of donors to California’s Proposition 8 law and a map of California and the country, eightmaps.com, reveals the shocking number of zero for the St. Louis area. Yup, zero. According to the site, no one from the St. Louis area gave any money to Prop 8. Sure it was a law in California, but you would be surprised at the far reaches of their donor list and yet not a soul from St. [Read More]

VitalVoice Profiles Ed Reggi

VitalVoice Profiles Ed Reggi
Who is Ed Reggi? The VitalVoice and I are so glad you asked:   Reggi, who moved to St. Louis in the 1990s, is a nationally known actor, director, producer and educator. As an entertainer, Reggi knows a lot of people and was well aware of his unique situation of having mass appeal not just to the gay community but also to a wide range of people who might not think about GLBT issues in their everyday lives. [Read More]