VitalVoice Profiles Ed Reggi

big_eyes_scooterWho is Ed Reggi?  The VitalVoice and I are so glad you asked:


Reggi, who moved to St. Louis in the 1990s, is a nationally known actor, director, producer and educator. As an entertainer, Reggi knows a lot of people and was well aware of his unique situation of having mass appeal not just to the gay community but also to a wide range of people who might not think about GLBT issues in their everyday lives.

To that end, Reggi founded Show Me No Hate (SMNH) and set about organizing the successful Nov. 15 rally outside of the Old Courthouse downtown to protest the passing of Proposition 8. The event drew more than 1,400 protesters from around the region on a cold and damp autumn afternoon and was put together in a week’s time with the aid of Reggi’s savvy, contacts and the use of new technology ranging from email and text messaging to social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace.

Its a great profile on a guy (and Twitter friend) thats trying to do some good around here.  

Check out his website, Show Me No Hate and read the whole profile on The

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