If You Click on Links it Will Keep Your Fingers From Getting Cold

  1. How much do you really like Obama?  I mean do  you really like him…like want him inside of you like him?  I have just the thing for you!  [NSFW]  Via Dan Jaboor  (Send your tips to [email protected]!)

  2. Christian Gooden of STLToday.com needs someone to tell him that serial killers like looking at dead animals too.

  3. Speaking of Serial Cereal Killers…This is the coolest mural of all time.  Via CityRag

  4. Holy crap whoever sent this to the STL section of The Dirty.com went after some dude with both barrels!

“It was all I could do to keep from laughing when he took off his pants….luckily I was saved from the 1.5″ dagger by him prematurely blowing his load” 

“Gigantor Chin” on TheDirty.com

and finally…

  1. The mayor is sick.  Who ever it is, stop forcing this man to blog.