We’re Sick, Be Back Tomorrow

Sorry for the odd meta post, but after nothing on Thursday, Friday and then today, we felt the need to say on the site that our lack of posts is not because we’re dead, or totally agree with your father and got tired of your crap, we’re just sick.

We should be back on Tuesday.


St. Louis Finally Gets Some Swine Flu Vaccine

If you’ve been suffering from the Swine Flu in St. Louis, today is your day because our apparently one horse town is finally getting some sweet sweet Swine Flu vaccine action! The first 100,000 batches of swine flu vaccine will be distributed in St. Louis County at the end of October, the county’s Health Director, Dr. Dolores Gunn, said Tuesday. Gunn said emergency personnel and health care providers would get the first doses, followed by pregnant women and people under the age of 24. [Read More]

If You Click on Links it Will Keep Your Fingers From Getting Cold

How much do you really like Obama? I mean do you really like him…like want him inside of you like him? I have just the thing for you! [NSFW] Via Dan Jaboor (Send your tips to [email protected]!) Christian Gooden of STLToday.com needs someone to tell him that serial killers like looking at dead animals too. Speaking of Serial Cereal Killers…This is the coolest mural of all time. Via CityRag [Read More]