St. Louis Finally Gets Some Swine Flu Vaccine

vaccineIf you’ve been suffering from the Swine Flu in St. Louis, today is your day because our apparently one horse town is finally getting some sweet sweet Swine Flu vaccine action!

The first 100,000 batches of swine flu vaccine will be distributed in St. Louis County at the end of October, the county’s Health Director, Dr. Dolores Gunn, said Tuesday.

Gunn said emergency personnel and health care providers would get the first doses, followed by pregnant women and people under the age of 24. Any doses left from the original batch would then be distributed to the public at large.

…ok well October is your day, if you are knocked up or were recently squeezed out of a knocked up lady, otherwise forget I said anything.  Frankly, I would stock up on kleenex.

Source: Kansas

P.S. [Editor’s Note: Does that work for blogs?] According to the Daily Mail, the one not getting the vaccine may be the lucky ones!