KSDK Determined to Count Each and Every Swine Flu Death

From KSDK.com: Missouri has recorded its second swine flu death, and the first in the western part of the state. State health officials say a 24-year-old Independence woman died Wednesday night, several days after she was hospitalized with symptoms including diarrhea, coughing and extreme fatigue. Her name was not released. Look, KSDK, I don’t know how to tell you this…geez…um, we don’t care about Swine Flu any more. We’ve moved on to more important issues like Kanye West, so you should move on too. [Read More]

St. Louis Finally Gets Some Swine Flu Vaccine

If you’ve been suffering from the Swine Flu in St. Louis, today is your day because our apparently one horse town is finally getting some sweet sweet Swine Flu vaccine action! The first 100,000 batches of swine flu vaccine will be distributed in St. Louis County at the end of October, the county’s Health Director, Dr. Dolores Gunn, said Tuesday. Gunn said emergency personnel and health care providers would get the first doses, followed by pregnant women and people under the age of 24. [Read More]