The ‘End Eminent Domain’ Sign Can Stay, But Lets Change It Because We Have Some Sweet Ideas!

The “End Eminent Domain” mural isn’t going anywhere. The sign, which is visible from I-44, has been on the side of an apartment building for years now, but just finally got the right to stay after the man who commissioned it, Jim Roos, won his final appeal against the city Tuesday when the U.S. Supreme Court declined to review the case. We’d like to think the Supreme Court justices read the case and said something to the effect of “Seriously? [Read More]

If You Click on Links it Will Keep Your Fingers From Getting Cold

How much do you really like Obama? I mean do you really like him…like want him inside of you like him? I have just the thing for you! [NSFW] Via Dan Jaboor (Send your tips to!) Christian Gooden of needs someone to tell him that serial killers like looking at dead animals too. Speaking of SerialCereal Killers…This is the coolest mural of all time. [Read More]