The ‘End Eminent Domain’ Sign Can Stay, But Lets Change It Because We Have Some Sweet Ideas!

The “End Eminent Domain” mural isn’t going anywhere. The sign, which is visible from I-44, has been on the side of an apartment building for years now, but just finally got the right to stay after the man who commissioned it, Jim Roos, won his final appeal against the city Tuesday when the U.S. Supreme Court declined to review the case. We’d like to think the Supreme Court justices read the case and said something to the effect of “Seriously? [Read More]

Dude Can’t Keep That Big Eminent Domain Sign on the Side of His House

A district court judge dealt another a blow to the right to paint a giant sign on your house to inform people driving on the highway about whatever you don’t like, be it Eminent Domain or women that use their teeth. A district court judge upheld a ruling that said a St. Louis man could not display a giant mural protesting eminent domain. The ruling was a big victory for the St. [Read More]

Dairy Queen’s Reefer Bash 2: The Electric Boogaloo

Sometimes things are so awesome, you have no choice but to squeeze a sequel out. Take Legally Blonde, wait no…Teen Wolf!…err…um…Speed!! Nevermind. Movies are a bad example, but Dairy Queen’s “Titz n’ Reefer Bash” from a few days back is! Oh thats right! Our eagled-eye’d (or horny, pot smoking) reader has spotted a change to the sign! Note the now added “2” on the left but still the same awesome-adding “69” on the right. [Read More]

Is Dairy Queen Sponsoring a Reefer Bash?

One of our eagle-eyed, sex-machine, chick-magnet, party-loving readers sent in these photos they snapped of the Dairy Queen sign at the corner of Lafayette Ave and South 7th Street in Soulard. Can anyone give us any info on the “Titz ‘n Reefer bash? I hear there were both “Titz” and “Reefer” which are really all you need for an awesome party…also, ice cream cake helps, which is why that this party being on this sign is like the harbinger of the greatest party of all time! [Read More]