St. Louis Police Release Car Jacker, Said He Had an Honest Face

After having over 20 cars broken in to downtown, the St. Louis Police finally made a breakthrough over the weekend when they arrested two suspects in connection with the break-ins…and by “connection”, we mean that they totally did it. Suspect Calvin Willis, 25, was ordered held on $75,000 bond after being charged with second degree assault, first degree tampering and resisting arrest. Alright! Yeah! Maybe next time you’ll think twice before doing something hurtful like trying to steal our Paula Cole CD off our passenger seat! [Read More]

She “Didn’t Say Anything” so He Stuck His Hand Down Her Pants

There are some lawsuit case files you don’t want to read, but there are others you just can’t put down, like really great book, or something glued to your hands. Take for instance the case of Calvin West and Baldor Electric Company. Mr. West was let go from his post at Baldor and filed for unemployment, which was blocked by Baldor because, as they claim, he was fired for cause. (Hang with us here, it gets good in a second) What cause you ask? [Read More]

Dude Can’t Keep That Big Eminent Domain Sign on the Side of His House

A district court judge dealt another a blow to the right to paint a giant sign on your house to inform people driving on the highway about whatever you don’t like, be it Eminent Domain or women that use their teeth. A district court judge upheld a ruling that said a St. Louis man could not display a giant mural protesting eminent domain. The ruling was a big victory for the St. [Read More]

Missouri and Illinois Have “Un-Fair” Judges

This according to a survey done by some fancy something or other. Missouri ranked 37th among the 50 states for the perceived fairness of its litigation environment. This is down from its 2008 ranking of 31 as well as from its rank of 34 in 2007. Illinois came in at No. 45 for the perceived fairness of its litigation environment. It ranked 46th in both 2007 and 2008. So according to this survey of lawyers Missouri and Illinois judges rank low in “perceived fairness” which is baffling to us as we were pretty sure the way to always be fair was just to cut everything in half. [Read More]