Maybe You Shouldn’t Cross the Highway on Foot

Why did the three teenagers cross the busy highway Saturday? No sure, but that was a really bad idea. One of them got punted down the highway in what must have been a “Woah!” situation right up until you realized it was a child you were watching streak through the afternoon air. Seriously. That shit happened. Police said 14-year-old Ean McDaniel was struck on southbound I-55 at the Bates exit. [Read More]

Dude Can’t Keep That Big Eminent Domain Sign on the Side of His House

A district court judge dealt another a blow to the right to paint a giant sign on your house to inform people driving on the highway about whatever you don’t like, be it Eminent Domain or women that use their teeth. A district court judge upheld a ruling that said a St. Louis man could not display a giant mural protesting eminent domain. The ruling was a big victory for the St. [Read More]