Maybe You Shouldn’t Cross the Highway on Foot

Why did the three teenagers cross the busy highway Saturday? No sure, but that was a really bad idea. One of them got punted down the highway in what must have been a “Woah!” situation right up until you realized it was a child you were watching streak through the afternoon air. Seriously. That shit happened.

Police said 14-year-old Ean McDaniel was struck on southbound I-55 at the Bates exit. Three boys were crossing the highway when one was struck by a red Volkswagen, shattering its front window.

Witnesses said the driver of the car slammed on their brakes, but couldn’t stop in time and sent McDaniel several feet in the air.

There used to be a pedestrian crosswalk over Highway 55 where the accident happened near Michigan Ave, but it was torn down in July. Because of its removal, there have been more reports of people trying to cross the highway, which at first blush seems like a really really bad idea. That was sadly confirmed Saturday.

The stories not over though according with KMOV! They had to tack on two obvious and unnecessairy items to a story about a young man dying:

  1. This caused a traffic back up.

  2. The police don’t plan on filing charges against the driver.

Both of these “facts” are retarded. Obviously, someone dying on highway 55 will back up traffic, a freaking kid died! #2 is far worse though. The poor driver had nothing really to do with this. The guy was probably just going to Lowes or something, did everything he could to stop from hitting a kid that, lets face it, made a incredibly dumb choice. There’s no reason to even think this guy should be in any trouble, but KMOV phrased it like the guy was getting away with something: “Police do not plan to file charges against the driver.” In the video, the reporter even goes on to point out the driver and mention that he is cooperating with police and that “maybe” this really just was an accident. Well no shit! Is this story just not juicy enough for KMOV? Would they have preferred if the driver was found to be littering the highway with “fun size” Butterfingers so he can take them out one by one with his Volkswagon of death? This guy will never forget what he saw Saturday, and though he gets to keep living, he’s a victim here too. You’re coming off a little blood thirsty there KMOV….maybe take it down a notch.

You know, just to be safe, check to see if the driver of the car has evilly slanted eyebrows. If not, you can always just draw them in.

via KMOV