We Prove That Being on Priceline’s Top Labor Day Destinations List is Actually Bad

St. Louis made #3 on a seemingly good list about the best places to go for Labor Day! What the hell is happening here? Something feels wrong…very wrong. We aren’t the only ones feeling it, right Ghostbusters?

Exactly Dr. Venkman! “Human sacrifice! Dogs and cats…living together!” We are St. Louis. We don’t get on “good” lists and we don’t know how to take this.

On the one hand it’s great to see St. Louis near the top of a list that doesn’t start off with “the worst…”, “the most violent…” or “Biggest Diarrhea-inducing…” but on the other hand, this is a pretty lame list to top. “Top Labor Day Destinations”? Just saying it makes us want to kick our own ass. Labor Day isn’t even really about travel, it’s about BBQ-ing in your own backyard. An actual “Top Labor Day Destinations” list should include things like “Schnucks” or “Dirt Cheap” not “St. Louis”. So in some way Priceline is saying “Here are the top places to go on a weekend where no one ever goes anywhere.” or in other words “Don’t go here.” …and there we go!

Now that’s a list St. Louis is used to! The world has righted itself once again thanks to Punching Kitty! Your neighborhood cats and dogs should start behaving normally any minute now.

via Priceline’s Travel Blog