Some Guy in High Ridge Brandon Lee’d His Friend

Three friends from the High Ridge, Missouri area got together to help one of the buddies move. As friend-based moving crews are tend to do, they moved beers to their face faster than anything else and soon the evening turned to less serious pursuits, namely watching he moving “Savages”. What was already a bad idea because of the fact that the one guy needed to get his stuff moved and “Savages” appears to be a pretty horrible flick (51% rating on Rotten Tomatoes), got worse when someone decided to act out a particular scene involving disarming someone in some badass way. [Read More]

Dad Accidentally Shoots Kid While Talking About Gun Safety

A father shot his 11-year old kid in the face Friday night during a discussion on firearm safety in St. Joseph, Missouri. Seems like a tough lesson, we guess this is one of those “building character” kind of teaching moments and it probably worked. Junior’s not going to forget where the safety switch is now. The St. Joseph News-Press reports that the boy sustained serious injuries Friday night while cleaning guns and planning a hunting trip with his father. [Read More]

Sometimes the Only Way to Win an Argument is to Throw Yourself From a Moving Car

An Illinois man threw himself from the passenger side of a moving car in the middle of an argument with his girlfriend the other day. She must have been really nagging the hell of out him! Right?! High five dudes! You know how broads are! Yeah! Whooo! *chest bump* According to police, the man was having a verbal dispute with his girlfriend while the couple was driving down Route 4 just after 1 pm. [Read More]

KSDK’s Ann Rubin Isn’t Fazed By Traffic Accidents

Ann Rubin of KSDK lost her shiz just a little bit last night on the news when a fender bender happened behind her, just off camera. She made a little gasp, finished her sentence and then explained the situation before throwing it back to Kay Quinn who didn’t even ask if everyone was alright…what the hell Kay?! Everyone died. Are you happy now you didn’t wasted the time to ask? Feel good about yourself? [Read More]

Arch Worker Pinned Between Arch Tram and a Hard Place Yesterday

An employee of the St. Louis Arch was pinned for 30 seconds between the south leg tram and the top of the shaft while working on electrical upgrades yesterday. I bet that hurt. One time we stubbed our town on the south leg of our coffee table and it hurt like hell. Like really hurt and still hurt the next day, probably just like this guy’s injury. The good news for him is that after two days we were fine and we got to limp around at work and make people ask us what happened. [Read More]

Car Crashes in to Downtown Hooters

Details are slim as of this writing, but just after 9 pm a car crashed in to the Hoosters in downtown St. Louis starting a fire. Somehow no one was injured and the people in car have been arrested. No suprise there. Smashing something that hard in to Hooters ususal does end up getting you arrested…at the very least slapped. That’s gotta be the first time anything “flaming” crashed a party at Hooters! [Read More]

A Guy Died During a Parking Lot Crash on Hampton

Update: A relative of the deceased (and future fan club member) in the comments, tells us that the family learned today that the man in the accident was shot, which makes this whole thing make a lot more sense. Thats’s the STL we know! Original article: You don’t hear this much. Usually it’s all fender-benders, door dings or pre-teens car jacking old people, rather than fatal, single-car accidents going down in parking lots. [Read More]

I-70 Accident Triggers Twitter’s Shark Jumping Event

Yesterday at the downtown lanes of I-70 a tractor-trailer, a flat bed truck carrying concrete sewer linings and three other cars came together is in the eastbound lanes. The cause was later found to be a driver that stopped in the road to pick up road dibris, causing a slowdown and then the pileup which left the highway closed until about 2pm. Because of its downtown location, the accident could be seen from many office buildings including that of Jason Wagner, Twitter user @threefourteen. [Read More]

Police Chase in Loop Ends Badly

Reports are there was a police chase that ended on the west side of the Delmar Loop with a street-closing accident. One person in a stretcher, one car smashed (possible the chased) and one Police cruiser lodged under a bus.

Go have lunch as Cicero’s and watch them clean it all up!

Maybe You Shouldn’t Cross the Highway on Foot

Why did the three teenagers cross the busy highway Saturday? No sure, but that was a really bad idea. One of them got punted down the highway in what must have been a “Woah!” situation right up until you realized it was a child you were watching streak through the afternoon air. Seriously. That shit happened. Police said 14-year-old Ean McDaniel was struck on southbound I-55 at the Bates exit. Three boys were crossing the highway when one was struck by a red Volkswagen, shattering its front window. [Read More]