I-70 Accident Triggers Twitter’s Shark Jumping Event

Yesterday at the downtown lanes of I-70 a tractor-trailer, a flat bed truck carrying concrete sewer linings and three other cars came together is in the eastbound lanes. The cause was later found to be a driver that stopped in the road to pick up road dibris, causing a slowdown and then the pileup which left the highway closed until about 2pm.

Because of its downtown location, the accident could be seen from many office buildings including that of Jason Wagner, Twitter user @threefourteen. An accident? To the Social Media Mobile!

Tweeting out a call for help and begging for “rt” or retweets, and succeeding? This seem odd to anyone else? …Ok, I guess he couldn’t get word out any other way so…wait…

We had to ask! We get it, 2010, Twitter, the ShaveMate, we live in the future, but he probably tweeted this on his phone and isn’t 911 still the move here? Seriously, this isn’t weird to anyone else? …maybe it was on his computer and not a phone capable of dialing 911…

Hmm. No it’s not wrong, but we are struggling with the desired response. Was someone to go “Oh no someone needs be at this tweet’s location! …better just reply back first.”?

Oh wait. Someone did:

Though she didn’t get to the scene in time, and in fact hasn’t made it yet, Dr. Quinn came up huge today when called upon by the “I do everything over Twitter even if it’s silly” crowd.

We feel safer knowing the world, and long cancelled tv doctors, are looking out for us. Now if you’ll excuse us, we need to go Facebook ourselves a dermatologist appointment. We were Google Buzzing over the weekend and Bebo‘ed this chick with our Stickam in her DailyBooth while she Yelp‘ed and Flickr‘ed our Ning and now we have this rash in MySpace that won’t go away.