St. Charles County Bike Ban Dies

The infamous and much discussed bike ban on the docket in St. Charles County that would ban bikes from thin rural roads fell last night 6 – 0. Zero?! Yup, even the guy that sponsored the measure, Joe Brazil, who sounds like a bouncer in a strip club or the owner of a skeezy bar on Washington Ave, voted against it. Why would you vote against your own measure?

Brazil said he and most residents of his district in the scenic hilly southwest part of the county still believe in the need for a ban, which was attacked by bicyclists and bicycle groups as an infringement on their rights.

Um..what? Brazil sided with other council members that other bills including one that would require groups of bikers to get a permit, were the better move. Despite that, he’s not the one that looks stupid for championing a bill that he later voted against, you’re stupid and so is your bike and your face.

“If you want to ride on them and take chances, that’s unfortunate, but you can’t fix stupid,” Brazil said, referring to more dangerous stretches.

Screw them Joey! It’s not like your job is to be a proxy for them to the local government and do the best to keep their wishes and protect them the best you can.

This is a huge win for all the “accountant on the weekend, but likes to put on skin tight, junk outline showing yellow spandex so I can pretend to be an stuck up, one-balled douche on the weekends then go home take my shirt off outside for no reason, drink watered down beer and then tell everyone how you glutes are really burning after that hard-core ride” guys. No, you don’t need a special wind resistant pointy helmet when you are only riding the 3 miles around your neighborhood. There’s just no reason for it. Unless you want to admit to playing dress up. If you want to do that, then fine, but until then you look like a disillusioned ass.

Also this seems appropriate:

via STLToday