St. Charles County Bike Ban Dies

The infamous and much discussed bike banon the docket in St. Charles County that would ban bikes from thin rural roads fell last night 6 – 0. Zero?! Yup, even the guy that sponsored the measure, Joe Brazil, who sounds like a bouncer in a strip club or the owner of a skeezy bar on Washington Ave, voted against it. Why would you vote against your own measure? Brazil said he and most residents of his district in the scenic hilly southwest part of the county still believe in the need for a ban, which was attacked by bicyclists and bicycle groups as an infringement on their rights. [Read More]

St. Charles County Also Hates Bicycles

A bill is working its way through St. Charles County’s political system that would ban bicycles traffic on streets such as Highway D, DD, F, Z, and 94. Maybe the move here would be to spend some time renaming these dumb-ass highways…except for Highway Double-D, that one can stay. Boobs. Among speakers supporting Brazil’s bill at the July 12 meeting was Stephen East of Cottleville, whose 16-year-old daughter was seriously injured in a 2003 accident on DD, when the vehicle she was driving topped a hill and encountered a bicyclist in her lane. [Read More]

The Urban Assault Ride Returns to St. Louis

The Urban Assault Ride is coming back to St. Louis on August 15th! If you’ve heard of it, I’m sure you’re excited and if you’ve never heard of it, this bearded gentleman on the right riding a big wheel should get you sufficiently up to speed. The Urban Assault Ride™ is a truly unique cycling event…and quickly becoming one of the biggest in country! Here’s how it works: You and your teammate will set out on a city-wide quest for ‘checkpoints’ on your favorite two-wheeled steeds. [Read More]