St. Peters Forgets What County They are in, Bans Chewing Tobacco Spit

The Mayor of St. Peters saw some guy spit chewing tobacco on the sidewalk in front of city hall and it started his quest to ban the spitting of tobacco juice. That quest ended last Thursday. If you live or work in the city of St. Peters and you’re out in public – no more spitting tobacco juice on the ground. The St. Peters Police Department says they’ve had trouble with spitting in the past, and they say they even see people spitting who are waiting in line at the courthouse. [Read More]

St. Charles County Bike Ban Dies

The infamous and much discussed bike banon the docket in St. Charles County that would ban bikes from thin rural roads fell last night 6 – 0. Zero?! Yup, even the guy that sponsored the measure, Joe Brazil, who sounds like a bouncer in a strip club or the owner of a skeezy bar on Washington Ave, voted against it. Why would you vote against your own measure? Brazil said he and most residents of his district in the scenic hilly southwest part of the county still believe in the need for a ban, which was attacked by bicyclists and bicycle groups as an infringement on their rights. [Read More]

Clayton Bans Smoking, University City Complains Clayton Used to Be Cool

Clayton Bans Smoking, University City Complains Clayton Used to Be Cool
Tuesday night, while everyone was watching the National League lose for the 13th year in a row, Clayton’s government was at work banning smoking in all public places. …kinda. You can smoke inside, if you operate a cigar bar or tobacco shop, or are in one of the 20% of hotel rooms that can still allow it, and of course patios. …or actually its still cool if you are in any currently established public place until July, 1st 2010. [Read More]