St. Peters Forgets What County They are in, Bans Chewing Tobacco Spit

The Mayor of St. Peters saw some guy spit chewing tobacco on the sidewalk in front of city hall and it started his quest to ban the spitting of tobacco juice. That quest ended last Thursday.

If you live or work in the city of St. Peters and you’re out in public – no more spitting tobacco juice on the ground.

The St. Peters Police Department says they’ve had trouble with spitting in the past, and they say they even see people spitting who are waiting in line at the courthouse.

St. Peters is in St. Charles County. St. Charles County has, in our experience, a lot of gentlemen that enjoy the “chew”. How has the Mayor not know about or previously seen this?

Frankly all these cities that are banning smoking have brought the plague of chew on themselves. When  you ban smoking, the next obvious step for the nicotine junkie is…smoke_less_ tobacco! This is like every action movie sequel ever when the hero finally beats his nemesis and then finds that the guy that took their place is far more horrible than the original nemesis, and is supposed to smell like mint but actually smells like something mint pooped, ate again and then threw up…and leaves Coke cans of the juice around that are tolerable until you accidentally knock one over and it spills on the couch so now every time you sit on it smells like you are sitting on a fat guy in a bowling alley.

We’re also wondering how the tons of cops that “dip” will be handling all the paperwork for the arrests on this new law they won’t be making.

via KMOV