Clayon Police Are Looking For a Serial Groper

There’s a “serial groper” on the loose in Clayton, usually operating across the street from the St. Louis County Jail. It’s a perfect plan. Who’s going to believe some broad who’s going to jail? Officers say it’s happened at least three times in recent weeks, mostly on weekend evenings. The man commits the act in a public parking lot, then runs away before his victim has time to react. [Read More]

Sure He Kidnapped You and Tried to Steal Your Money, But How Can You Be Mad at a Guy With a Smile Like That?

The jovial fellow above is on Gabriel Williams, who has been charged with multiple burglary, robbery, kidnapping and weapons charges after a New Years Eve crime spree that involved kidnapping a Clayton couple and driving them to the nearby Schnucks to they could cash a check for him. According to police, two suspects approached a man Saturday as he did yard work at his home in the 50 block of Arundel, in Clayton’s Demun neighborhood. [Read More]

Update: Ritz Carlton “Molester” Just Really Really Really Drunk

Remember yesterday when everyone, including us, was in a tizzy over a guy who, according to authorities, tricked a front desk clerk into giving him a key to a little girl’s room and then kicked the chain off the door all to molest the girl and her friends? Ah, well, Daniel T. Hughes may not be the sinister girl groper that the initial report led everyone to believe. He is, however, a total drunk ass. [Read More]

Guy Robs Clayton Bank, Gets Caught Across the Street at Hospital

A guy robs a Clayton bank by slipping the teller a note and grabbing a sack of money (I’m assuming it was one of those with a dollar sign on it). He then proceeds to walk across the street, in broad daylight, with tons of witnesses. He was followed by the cops and was arrested on the first floor of the hospital with little trouble. What? From STLToday: The 39-year-old St. [Read More]

Clayton Bans Smoking, University City Complains Clayton Used to Be Cool

Clayton Bans Smoking, University City Complains Clayton Used to Be Cool
Tuesday night, while everyone was watching the National League lose for the 13th year in a row, Clayton’s government was at work banning smoking in all public places. …kinda. You can smoke inside, if you operate a cigar bar or tobacco shop, or are in one of the 20% of hotel rooms that can still allow it, and of course patios. …or actually its still cool if you are in any currently established public place until July, 1st 2010. [Read More]