Clayton Bans Smoking, University City Complains Clayton Used to Be Cool

Tuesday night, while everyone was watching the National League lose for the 13th year in a row, Clayton’s government was at work banning smoking in all public places.

…kinda.  You can smoke inside, if you operate a cigar bar or tobacco shop, or are in one of the 20% of hotel rooms that can still allow it, and of course patios.

…or actually its still cool if you are in any currently established public place until July, 1st 2010.

But other than that, smoke free!

“This is a historic moment for the city of Clayton,” Mayor Linda Goldstein said.

Clayton joins Ballwin as the only municipalities of the 91 in St. Louis County to have a ban. Arnold in Jefferson County also prohibits smoking in public places. Illinois has a statewide ban.

The pressure is now on the surrounding areas to add smoking bans as well, like University City.  Pfffft.  You know since there really aren’t any skinny jeans-wearing, chain smoking hipsters that hang out in University City every weekend.  Shouldn’t be an issue there.


Photo Source: Look At This F*cking Hipster