Some Black Guys Shut Down Highway 70

70_protestThe African-American Business and Contractors Association (which I think spells out L.O.N.G.A.C.R.O.N.Y.M.) is upset because they believe there were not enough black contractors hired in the massive highway 70 project, so they planned to “shut down” the highway Monday during evening rush hour, which is 10 years to the day to a similar protest.

First let me say this:  If the Aferican-American Business…(whatever)’s claims are correct and there was any prejudice at play when the contractors for the Hwy 70 project were picked (or for any job for that matter) then I’m with them in saying that is f*cked.

Now let me say this: This is the dumbest protest I’ve ever seen.  Look at the video below, two cars stopped at the same time on 70 during rush hour.  Wow.  Shocking.  I thought protests were supposed to be something crazy that I normally wouldn’t do to get my attention, like chaining myself to something or standing in front of a tank.  Two cars stopping at the same time on the highway happens about 4 times a day when someone gets in an accident or just some retard stops their car because they saw something shiny.  Also, this is pretty dicky.  You want to picket a building?  Fine, at least you are only bothering the people in the building that you think wronged you.  Backing up traffic during rush-hour when people that did nothing wrong just want to go home?  Dude.  Screw you.

I also love their promise that there is “much more to come”  I’m guessing the next stop in your annoying people that didn’t do anything campaign, is just going to a mall food court and knocking people’s drinks out of their hand.  That’ll teach them.

Click through to watch the video.