Oh THAT Woman Wearing a Turban. Yeah, I Know Her.

The perpetrator of last week’s armed robbery of a “cash store” (translation: ghetto bank) is still on the loose. In an effort to bring the criminal to justice, the Highland Police have released surveillance photos of her getaway car and a sketch of the subject.

This is where we would be like “Bam!” and show it to you, but we freaking know you peeked! You already know the sketch is horrible. Frankly you take all the fun out of this.

This sketch is pretty much useless. First off, that’s a dude. We’re sure the witness saw a woman if they say so, but the sketch artist drew a man…a man with teeny little shoulders…but a man. Not only that, but despite the fact that they don’t have any ears, there is nothing about this sketch that is, in any way, identifiable. Oh the robber had on a turban and sunglasses? Were they the kind you can never take off ever? Because if not, that really doesn’t do us much good.

We’re starting to think the sketch artist is in on this caper! “No I said she had a scar on her cheek and you didn’t draw it! I was about…well, just like the one on your…face.” Boom! Charcoal pencil in the eye. The kinda racist sketch artist robber that keeps putting turbans on people in the sketches roams free for another day.

via KMOV