Guy Robs Creve Coeur Dollar Store, Gets Away With Tens of Dollars

Police are looking for a man who robbed the Creve Coeur Dollar Store because it would seem this guy wanted to go through all the trouble and danger of robbing someone, but really only needed some walkin’ around money. Maybe so see a movie, get some popcorn and put some Milk Duds in there. Police said two employees were counting cash in the back office of the Dollar Tree Store in the 12530 block of Olive when a man approached and demanded money. [Read More]

East St. Louis: Where You Can Get Robbed While at Church

The thugs of East St. Louis have broken the last barrier: They’re robbing you in church now! East St. Louis Police Chief Michael Floore said a call reporting the incident came into the Police Department at 5:12 p.m. about the armed robbery of people at IRA Grove Baptist Church, located at 1701 Belmont. “Church service was going on when three masked gunmen went into the church and robbed the people who were there at gunpoint,” Floore said. [Read More]

St. Louis Thieves and Michael Strahan Love Subway

A south St. Louis Subway (Which one? It doesn’t matter. It’s like saying “A St. Charles County Quiktrip.” the statement is so broad its meaningless.) was robbed for a second time over the span of five days: Once on Janurary 7th and then again this morning at 2:30am. The only benefit we can think of for robbing a Subway would be not having to worry about carrying away too much cash, or any bills over $5, and the fact that you could stuff your pockets with their over-priced avocado on the way out the door. [Read More]

Horrible Face-Shooting Thieving D*ckhead Brought to Justice

Vincent Newman has been apprehended and charged with at least one of the recent string of violent robberies in South City, and more charges are expected. Just listen to what this dickhead did: A 27-year-old woman was shot at 5:55 a.m. Wednesday as she walked to her car in the 1600 block of South Spring Avenue. The man took her purse and shot her in the face, police said. A 20-year-old woman was robbed of her cellphone and tablet computer. [Read More]

St. Louis: Where Bank Robbers Yell “Go Cards!”

Arnold police are still looking for the bank robber who exclaimed “Go Cards!” on his way out the door with the cash. Welcome to St. Louis. This is what we do: break laws and watch baseball. Police say the man entered the First Bank at 3850 Jeffco Boulevard, approached the teller and presented a note demanding money around 1:15 p.m. Friday. After taking an undisclosed amount of money, the man reportedly yelled, “Go Cards! [Read More]

The Uncle Bill’s Owner Was Kidnapped

The owner of Uncle Bill’s Pancake & Dinner House was kidnapped and robbed Sunday. Bet you thought it was the South City location didn’t you?! Ha, wrong! It was the Ballwin location! Suck it! City: 1, County: 23,474,932,729,239,234,324,732,618,190 Now as long as the criminals don’t make it obvious they were actually from the city, that one point will be confirmed… Richard Lee, 75, of Creve Coeur was about to count the weekend earnings in his office at the Manchester location along the 14000 block of Manchester Road when two men grabbed his arms and sprayed pepper spray in his face, according to his wife of 46 years, Chi Yang Lee. [Read More]

One Ice Cream Truck, Two Robberies

An ice cream truck stopped outside the O’Fallon Place apartment complex in North City was the scene of two different robberies happening at the exact same time…and they both happened after the thugs had paid for their ice cream. 19 year-old Ronell Ross, handed his money to the ice cream truck driver’s 10 year-old son just moments before he busted inside, putting his gun against the head of the woman driver while her son plead for her life. [Read More]

You Should Always Carry Weed, It Might Save Your Life

A woman was sitting at a South City bus stop when two men asked her if she had any marijuana. She didn’t. Big mistake. Police say the woman told the two men she did not have any marijuana and they walked away. Ten minutes later, the suspects allegedly came back and tried to rob the victim. During the robbery, police say the woman was shot once in the upper arm. [Read More]

Sure He Kidnapped You and Tried to Steal Your Money, But How Can You Be Mad at a Guy With a Smile Like That?

The jovial fellow above is on Gabriel Williams, who has been charged with multiple burglary, robbery, kidnapping and weapons charges after a New Years Eve crime spree that involved kidnapping a Clayton couple and driving them to the nearby Schnucks to they could cash a check for him. According to police, two suspects approached a man Saturday as he did yard work at his home in the 50 block of Arundel, in Clayton’s Demun neighborhood. [Read More]

Welcome to St. Louis: We Rob Nuns Here

So it’s come to this. We’re robbing nuns now. St. Louis thugs, clearly running out of regular folks to terrorize within the city limits have decided to start going after the formally untouchable: Nuns. Yup, totally beating up and robbing nuns now. Watch your back babies, kittens and Rams QB Sam Bradford. You’re just as cute and harmless as you’ve always been, but apparently a lot closer to fair game than you’d think. [Read More]