Guy Robs Creve Coeur Dollar Store, Gets Away With Tens of Dollars

Guy Robs Creve Coeur Dollar Store, Gets Away With Tens of Dollars

Police are looking for a man who robbed the Creve Coeur Dollar Store because it would seem this guy wanted to go through all the trouble and danger of robbing someone, but really only needed some walkin’ around money. Maybe so see a movie, get some popcorn and put some Milk Duds in there.

Police said two employees were counting cash in the back office of the Dollar Tree Store in the 12530 block of Olive when a man approached and demanded money.

The suspect, armed with a knife, tied the two employees together by using a rope before he fled the scene.

Unfortunately for the clerks but Dollar Tree “rope” is actually string from those cheap kites they always sell with cartoon heros from 10 years ago, so while not super effective, there was lots of it. The ALF kites are selling like they used to.

According to police, the suspect allegedly hid somewhere in the store until closing.

Probably in the large display of pool noodles they inexplicably keep up all year long. Its like a cheap neon foam forest in there!

Police described the suspect as a while male, approximately 6 feet tall and 200 pounds. He was wearing a black shirt and khaki pants with a sheer black stocking cap over his face.

He was last seen carrying a thin plastic bag of dollar bills in one hand, and five of those really big Pixie Stix in the other.

via KMOV