Adults Visit High School, Beat Up Freshman

Adults Visit High School, Beat Up Freshman

We’ll say this for McCluer North High School, when you’ve got visiting adults dropping a beat down in the hall way, they sure take their freshmen hazing to the next level.

[Three] women were reportedly at the school to take a female student, a relative of theirs, out for lunch.

According to security footage, the women were walking toward their relative when she got into a fight with a freshman student.

Officers say the relative and another student began began fighting with the freshman, and the adults joined in.

Maybe they were planning on going to Subway and one of them said “Wait, doesn’t kicking the crap out of that 14-year old girl right there and then probably going to jail, sound better than having to eat Subway and deal with the eventual diarrhea?” and she’s right. Jail sounds horrible, but still way better than anything called “Turkeytopia”.

At one point, according to footage, there were five attackers –three adults and two students- assaulting the freshman student.

So this situation sounds bad, but one could argue that these “adults” could be passing on some valuable life lessons to these children: 1. Teamwork 2. Picking easily accomplishable tasks 3. …um…uh…What part of your body should you guard while on the ground getting kicked 4. The various steps of being booked by local authorities 5. What’s another way to say “teamwork”?

All three adults are facing assault, tresspassing and property damage charges. The students are charged with assault and property damage.

Ben Affleck swung by at the end of the freshman beat down, asked politely to go first, and added “I’d like to dedicate this first lick to your mother…” but apparently he’s been spared by the cops. Those movie stars get away with everything!

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(If you’re feeling nostalgic and want to watch the whole clip from Dazed and Confused we linked to above and don’t mind a little NSFW audio, here you go.)