Welcome to St. Louis: We Rob Nuns Here

So it’s come to this. We’re robbing nuns now.

St. Louis thugs, clearly running out of regular folks to terrorize within the city limits have decided to start going after the formally untouchable: Nuns. Yup, totally beating up and robbing nuns now. Watch your back babies, kittens and Rams QB Sam Bradford. You’re just as cute and harmless as you’ve always been, but apparently a lot closer to fair game than you’d think.

[Darrell K. Hardin, 24] allegedly came up behind the nun on the street, hit her twice and then forcibly stole her purse about 10 a.m. Monday.

Punching a nun in the back of the head to steal her purse! How much money could the nun have had on her?! It’s not like she makes a lot of money with the day job, (she’s always wearing that same old dress) and the chances that she’s got some lucrative side business going, like back alley abortions, seems pretty slim.

Despite what everyone in St. Charles County would have you believe, lightning did not strike the perp dead on the spot. Even though beating up one of Jesus’ many girlfriends just before his birthday is pretty uncool, the guy that beat up a nun is being taken care of by the law of man.

Hardin is out on bond on a domestic assault charge, according to the circuit attorney’s office.

…which involves a low bond and immediate release because it’s Christmas and he should be at home beating up several bastard kids.

via STLToday