The McCloskey's Look Like Huge Assholes

Hey everybody! Been a while. What’s going on? Oh…ok, cool. So just like usual stuff then? Got it. Video of Mark McCloskey and Patricia McCloskey pointing guns at protesters walking by their home in St. Louis, Missouri on June 28, went viral on Twitter. The married couple, who work together as personal injury trial lawyers, came out of their house armed on Sunday to prevent protesters from walking onto their property in the Forest Park area. [Read More]

The Central West End Has a Flasher

The police are looking for a new flasher showing his central south front area to the ladies of the Central West End area. The lonely gentleman has reportedly let it hang several times last weekend alone, which begs the question: Isn’t the summer or spring the better time to be a flasher? It’s awfully cold to be letting the little general out. I guess it wasn’t as cold last weekend, but still you’re probably not doing yourself any favors by whipping it out between November and March. [Read More]

St. Louis Has the World’s Tallest Chess Piece

St. Louis’ growing resume as the center of the chess universe grew by 14.5 feet yesterday as the world’s largest chess piece was unveiled at the World Chess Hall of Fame in the Central West End yesterday. The king piece, which is 14.5 feet high and weighs 2,280 pounds, sits just outside the World Chess Hall of Fame. It was presented to promote the 2012 U.S. Chess Championships, which began on Tuesday and has been hosted by the club for the past four years. [Read More]

Welcome to St. Louis: We Rob Nuns Here

So it’s come to this. We’re robbing nuns now. St. Louis thugs, clearly running out of regular folks to terrorize within the city limits have decided to start going after the formally untouchable: Nuns. Yup, totally beating up and robbing nuns now. Watch your back babies, kittens and Rams QB Sam Bradford. You’re just as cute and harmless as you’ve always been, but apparently a lot closer to fair game than you’d think. [Read More]