Apparently Honks Count for Congressional Votes Now

If you happen to drive around St. Louis at all today, you no doubt saw tons of people that either don’t have important jobs or jobs at all, manning the street corners with signs like “Honk for Health Care”, “Christians for Health Care”, “Honk so I don’t feel so alone.” or “I think this is doing something.” [Editor’s Note: The last 2 might have been made up. We can’t remember all the different signs we saw today. [Read More]

Tuesday Morning Protests

On my way to work to day, I saw not one but two protests! I mean these things weren’t exactly Malcolm X worthy, but protests all the same! First we have the “Pro Lifers” outside of the Planned Parenthood on Forest Park Parkway in Midtown. Way to go lady. You really changed the minds of the groggy drivers going to work and the throngs of sluts heading to Planned Parenthood at 8:30 in the morning on a Tuesday. [Read More]