Senator Claire McCaskill Was on the Colbert Report

Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill was the guest on Comedy Central’s Colbert Report recently and she spent her time rocking the standard Sentate-issued string of pearls while spouting verbal pearls like

You know what I got for Missouri? …I hope? Affordable, accessible insurance for everyone who wants it.

Very safe Senator.  Well played.  You forgot “Go America!” and “What are you hoosier complaining about? Now you can shoot yourself and get fixed up on the house!” but other than that, nicely done.

Other than that she played along with Colbert’s schtick…well you know what? We can’t tell if she’s playing along or not actually, but she did finally get Colbert to stop calling our state “Missou-rah” so it all evens out. …or should we say, sliding to the middle.

Well played indeed Senator.

As a congratulatory note, Punching Kitty has paid for a coffin full of flowers and candy to be delivered to the Senator’s home later today.  Now that we think about it, we hope doesn’t get the wrong idea about our gift.  We were going to call her ahead of time and say “Break a leg!” but we were worried about her taking us too seriously and then reaching in to our pockets for money so she could get herself fixed up.

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Oh Dana, Couldn’t You Dress Up a Little For Your TV Appearance?

St. Louis’ own conservative poster child Dana Loesch was on cable news the other night…take a guess which channel. If you guessed LOGO, you should really read the internet more often. The answer was of course Fox News and in particular, the Bill O’Reilly show where Dana was on to talk about recent Tea Party rally where allegedly racist remarks were yelled at our very own African-American State Congressman Emmanuel Cleaver.

Here is our summary:

Dana Loesch: Hi I’m Dana. I decided to dress punk princess to make sure I’m different than all the other TV people and in the presence of O’Reilly I’m way more cutesy than normal.  Also I think…

Bill O’Reilly: I like to interrupt everyone, even people that are on my side of the aisle, which even if you agree with me, makes my show very difficult to watch. No one understands but whatever, lets talk about the rally.

Dana:  I looked at a lot of video of the rally and its clear this was a leftist plot to make up the fact that no one actually said anything racist.  And another thing…

Bill: Well look, just because there’s no video of it, doesn’t mean its not true. We have no reason not to believe the Congressman.

Dana: He’s from my state. [Sarah Palin wink]

Bill: [Ignoring her.] We don’t know…

Dana: Well.

Bill: it was that was…

Dana: Yeah…but…

Bill: but clearly something was said, but it annoys me that this is news.

Dana: Totally. Don’t forget about this other thing that I think should have been important but no one agrees and I’m still trying…

Bill: I don’t care either actually.

Dana: I still can’t believe people would make this issue up!

Bill: How do you know its made up?

Dana: Because its wasn’t on video.

Bill: That’s dumb.

Dana: But this Congressman voted for health care so he must be a liar.

Bill: I’m sorry, that’s even too crazy for me.

Seriously, that’s how it went down. We swear, and watch for your self below (the jump).

I think no matter your politics, we can all agree that it’s really something when you’re farther right than Bill O’Reilly.

Sorry Dana (and fans) for a little ribbing, but we haven’t poked fun at Dana for a while.  We think she’s cool with it…

Hmm. Or not.

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Apparently Honks Count for Congressional Votes Now

If you happen to drive around St. Louis at all today, you no doubt saw tons of people that either don’t have important jobs or jobs at all, manning the street corners with signs like “Honk for Health Care”, “Christians for Health Care”, “Honk so I don’t feel so alone.” or “I think this is doing something.” [Editor’s Note: The last 2 might have been made up. We can’t remember all the different signs we saw today. [Read More]

Stay Classy St. Louis: Health Care Fighting

St. Louis Health Care fights on YouTube:

Here’s an idea.  Everyone needs to shut the hell up and lets have a conversation like adults.

Morons on both sides are yelling at kids, telling them to “get a job” (college is a job), taking swings at old ladies and constantly talking over each other like five year-olds.  God you people suck.

Now the Whole Country Gets to “Enjoy” Dana Loesch Like We Do

Now the Whole Country Gets to “Enjoy” Dana Loesch Like We Do
…and the legend of St. Louis’s favorite Fox News affiliated, but not really (but actually is) radio show host and blogger, Dana Loesch grows. This time Loesch appeared on CNN going toe to toe with ironically named liberal radio show host Ron Regan. Here’s the clip: Loesch continues her schtick, patented by others before her, of smiling and not looking like a old bald rich white guy and then firing back with “well maybe they had a conceal and carry license? [Read More]