Keith Olberman Gives St. Louis Pundit Dana Loesch a TV Hug on Return Show

After being “indefinitely” suspended for all of 4 days, two of them being weekend days he doesn’t work anyway, MSNBC’s Keith Olberman sat his ass back down in his leftist cable pundit throne Tuesday night. Not until the end of his show did Olberman really address his suspecition because of violating a NBC News policy for not previously seeking permission before making private campaign donations. This clip below is a chunk of his statement on his suspension and subsequent rebirth from a trashcan fire no one was really all that worried about, right after he told everyone he did nothing wrong and right before he played a whole Daily Show segment… [Read More]

Mr. Dana Loesch Calls RiverFront Times to Complain About Their Correct Story

Mr. Dana Loesch, aka Chris Loesch, a frequent, but pseudonymed, commenter on all posts concerning Dana on this very site, has quite a reputation around town of appearing like Beetlejuice when someone mentions his wife’s name three times. No, it doesn’t matter if they are “attacking” her or just reporting, he still appears. The most recent sighting was the Riverfront Times where…well, I’ll let RFT reporter Chad Garrison tell you: [Read More]

Is That Dana Loesch on VH1’s Tough Love Couples?

No. It’s not…but we agree with our tipsters that it totally looks like her though. On the left is Axelle, who is one of the castmembers on VH1’s Tough Love Couples show, has a really dumb name, and has a striking resemblance to our own Dana Loesch, who is would certainly qualify as a “super-fan” of Punching After establishing that, yes, they are in fact two different people, we looked in to how they are alike: After watching the show, we know that both can be kinda angry at a moment’s notice and both have brown hair…um…we mean on the top of their heads, but we’re sure what you were thinking is true too. [Read More]

Oh Dana, Couldn’t You Dress Up a Little For Your TV Appearance?

St. Louis’ own conservative poster child Dana Loesch was on cable news the other night…take a guess which channel. If you guessed LOGO, you should really read the internet more often. The answer was of course Fox News and in particular, the Bill O’Reilly show where Dana was on to talk about recent Tea Party rally where allegedly racist remarks were yelled at our very own African-American State Congressman Emmanuel Cleaver.

Here is our summary:

Dana Loesch: Hi I’m Dana. I decided to dress punk princess to make sure I’m different than all the other TV people and in the presence of O’Reilly I’m way more cutesy than normal.  Also I think…

Bill O’Reilly: I like to interrupt everyone, even people that are on my side of the aisle, which even if you agree with me, makes my show very difficult to watch. No one understands but whatever, lets talk about the rally.

Dana:  I looked at a lot of video of the rally and its clear this was a leftist plot to make up the fact that no one actually said anything racist.  And another thing…

Bill: Well look, just because there’s no video of it, doesn’t mean its not true. We have no reason not to believe the Congressman.

Dana: He’s from my state. [Sarah Palin wink]

Bill: [Ignoring her.] We don’t know…

Dana: Well.

Bill: it was that was…

Dana: Yeah…but…

Bill: but clearly something was said, but it annoys me that this is news.

Dana: Totally. Don’t forget about this other thing that I think should have been important but no one agrees and I’m still trying…

Bill: I don’t care either actually.

Dana: I still can’t believe people would make this issue up!

Bill: How do you know its made up?

Dana: Because its wasn’t on video.

Bill: That’s dumb.

Dana: But this Congressman voted for health care so he must be a liar.

Bill: I’m sorry, that’s even too crazy for me.

Seriously, that’s how it went down. We swear, and watch for your self below (the jump).

I think no matter your politics, we can all agree that it’s really something when you’re farther right than Bill O’Reilly.

Sorry Dana (and fans) for a little ribbing, but we haven’t poked fun at Dana for a while.  We think she’s cool with it…

Hmm. Or not.

[Read More]

Obama to Visit St. Louis

President Obama will be making a trip to St. Louis next week to attend a fundraiser for fellow Democrat and Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill. But we here at Punching Kitty are sure he will make time for a quick drive down Barack Obama Blvd to have a slice of Pi Pizza. In a completely unrelated story, outspoken conservative mouth-piece and general easy-going #1 fan of Punching [Editor’s Note: *cough*] Dana Loesch recently won a week-long all-expenses paid trip to “anywhere but here” by a little known company named Flowers By Irene. [Read More]

Republican Kids to Get a 5-Day Weekend?

According to our tipster and the link they sent us to the, thats what St. Louis’ favorite perma-fired up, republican, Dana Loesch pundit is trying to make happen with a recent mass email. Why? Apparently some black guy is going to break in to the school and try and talk to her kids. Snippets from her e-mail: President Obama’s Address to Students Across America September 8, 2009… Word is traveling fast on the internet, between bloggers and twitter, the choice is clear : No school for kids on September 8th due to the beginning of Socialist Indoctrination of Americas children. [Read More]

Now the Whole Country Gets to “Enjoy” Dana Loesch Like We Do

Now the Whole Country Gets to “Enjoy” Dana Loesch Like We Do
…and the legend of St. Louis’s favorite Fox News affiliated, but not really (but actually is) radio show host and blogger, Dana Loesch grows. This time Loesch appeared on CNN going toe to toe with ironically named liberal radio show host Ron Regan. Here’s the clip: Loesch continues her schtick, patented by others before her, of smiling and not looking like a old bald rich white guy and then firing back with “well maybe they had a conceal and carry license? [Read More]

Dana Loesch to Twitter: “Why is Everybody Always Picking on Me?”

Dana Loesch to Twitter: “Why is Everybody Always Picking on Me?”
One would think that an outspoken blogger and radio host would be ready and comfortable with people disagreeing with her, but that wasn’t the case today as Loesch lash out on Twitter about her “former” friends. “Tired of fake friends and people who exploit your friendship until they have an opportunity to blog about you.” # “You’re good when you get them free trips but hey, if you’re a conservative you are FAIR GAME. [Read More]