Dana Loesch to Twitter: “Why is Everybody Always Picking on Me?”

2687828884_8ea5865f5eOne would think that an outspoken blogger and radio host would be ready and comfortable with people disagreeing with her, but that wasn’t the case today as Loesch lash out on Twitter about her “former” friends.

“Tired of fake friends and people who exploit your friendship until they have an opportunity to blog about you.” #

“You’re good when you get them free trips but hey, if you’re a conservative you are FAIR GAME.” #

“Tired of holding my tongue while “friends” attack me for my political beliefs. No more. I’ve better enemies.” #

This all started from a post on Momocrats by Loech’s “former” friend Jaelithe.  Entitled “Conservative Astroturf and the Health Reform Debate: Let’s Follow Some Plastic Roots“, it was about the recent Health Care reform and centered on the accusations against Republicans that they are attempting to disrupt local town halls on the subject.  However, those claims didn’t seem to press Loesch’s “How Could You Do This To Me?!” button as much as the error in the article that Loesch’s station, Emmis’ 97.1 FM was a Fox News Radio affiliate.

From Loesch’s Twitter feed:

“FYI – my station? 97.1 FM? Is owned by EMMIS. (The Hebrew word for ‘truth.’)” #

Although its true that 97.1 is owned by Emmis, and we’ll take her word for it that is means “truth” in Hebrew, but I think Emmis might also mean “well, not technically, but you are kinda right” since one look at the 97.1 website makes it pretty clear that 97.1, a conservative talk radio station, is affiliated with Fox News in some way.  Here’s a screenshot:

emmis_fox_971Yup,  think this seems like two people on different sides of the political fence coupled with an understandable mistake.  Well Loesch not only disagrees, but took it and the article in general as a personal attack by a friend, and even went as far as to block Jaelithe on Twitter as evidence from this one-sided conversation:

jaelithe_loesch_1You know the crazy thing about Twitter though?  Its kind of like the old bit with two crusty New Yorkers yelling at each other from cross-street building windows…everyone can hear you.  It didn’t take long for others to join in defense of Jaelithe.  At least this time Loesch responded…

kbestoliver_dloesch_1We aren’t going to get in to a political debate on here, so please don’t confuse the message in this article.  We are simply pointing out that Dana Loesch, with her rising profile on the conservative side of the isle, might want to develop a thicker skin and embrace the debate that her jobs as a blogger and show host are specifically geared for.

That being said, we aren’t exactly hopeful of her taking our advice.  Although we have had only passing encounters with her and to date have had no problems with Loesch, we have heard from quite a few people that…well…lets just say they wouldn’t be surprised with anything in this article.

[Top Photo Credit: jdlasica on Flickr]