Republican Kids to Get a 5-Day Weekend?

43197792According to  our tipster and the link they sent us to the, thats what St. Louis’ favorite perma-fired up, republican, Dana Loesch pundit is trying to make happen with a recent mass email.  Why?  Apparently some black guy is going to break in to the school and try and talk to her kids.

Snippets from her e-mail:

President Obama’s Address to Students Across America September 8, 2009…

Word is traveling fast on the internet, between bloggers and twitter, the choice is clear : No school for kids on September 8th due to the beginning of Socialist Indoctrination of Americas children.

Take a day of vacation. Go to the zoo. Anything that would save your offspring from what I will bluntly say is just the quasi-fellating the executive branch.

I wouldn’t have such a problem with the Department of Education were this presented in a non-Orwellian fashion.  There is no consideration given to the authority of the American people. That’s what concerns me.

Once again, we don’t care about the politics because generally its not funny and thus doesn’t amuse us, but we don’t think its fair that little republican kids get an extra day home from school.  Granted, the liberal kids get to have a school day interrupted by an assembly, which no matter if the assembly is the President or one of those “Don’t Smoke” boy bands, its a pretty light day.  I guess thats kinda even.

Either way, I just think its funny that some people think their kids pay attention in school.