Keith Olberman Gives St. Louis Pundit Dana Loesch a TV Hug on Return Show

After being “indefinitely” suspended for all of 4 days, two of them being weekend days he doesn’t work anyway, MSNBC’s Keith Olberman sat his ass back down in his leftist cable pundit throne Tuesday night. Not until the end of his show did Olberman really address his suspecition because of violating a NBC News policy for not previously seeking permission before making private campaign donations.

This clip below is a chunk of his statement on his suspension and subsequent rebirth from a trashcan fire no one was really all that worried about, right after he told everyone he did nothing wrong and right before he played a whole Daily Show segment…

Awwwwww…Olberman gives a little TV hug to St. Louisan Dana Loesch for being cool to him despite the fact that they’re both so different! Even admitting that she was “probably nicer to (him) that (he) would have treated them”. Nice to see a truce happen, even for a moment, with Mrs. Loesch, our town’s little enemy collector. Maybe this will spark a moment of clarity: Are you guys really so different? Crazy is crazy no matter if its for Coco Puffs, holding on to George W jokes way past their expiration date or tax cuts for super rich people. Can’t you see you love each other?!

Olberman also dropped this lovely technique in we just had to point out:

“I like to name all of the 300,ooo signatories to that petition, but obviously I can’t, and anyway 99% were my relatives!”

LOL! ROFL! PMAL*! Really hilarious stuff. See if he makes this joke about how he had to have a petition filled with people that had to sign it, then he doesn’t look like a giant douche for saying 14 times that there was a petition of 300,000 signatures to get him back on the air.

Bad Self-Deprecation aka The Verbal Jingling of Keys. Well played sir.

  • PMAL = Peed Myself A Little