Now the Whole Country Gets to “Enjoy” Dana Loesch Like We Do

2687828884_8ea5865f5e…and the legend of St. Louis’s favorite Fox News affiliated, but not really (but actually is) radio show host and blogger, Dana Loesch grows.  This time Loesch appeared on CNN going toe to toe with ironically named liberal radio show host Ron Regan.  Here’s the clip:

Loesch continues her schtick, patented by others before her, of smiling and not looking like a old bald rich white guy and then firing back with “well maybe they had a conceal and carry license?  …at least he didn’t shoot anyone with it!”   Although Loesch claims that there were scary guys looking to kick her ass, and frankly we don’t doubt that.  If we had to bet though, we’d put money on people not wanting to kick her ass over her health care views, but rather because they had to work with her in planning last year’s Interactive Festival in the Loop.

One last thing Dana?  We think oh, a room full of black guys that don’t have mandated jobs these days, would disagree that the health care stuff is one of the “most important pieces of legislation in American history.”

Our favorite part is when the host politely told Dana to shut up.  I guess that guy doesn’t want to get a guided tour of Shock City Studios!