Election 2010: Choose Your Own Adventure

[Update: Results graphic updated with the final two race results. Click for a larger view.] Wow! What an election season. We saw some great fights that turned out to be landslides, and things we thought were decided in October come down to the wire. We had the big push for that thing we both wanted to win and held hands while we found out that person we didn’t want to win take the victory and then went to Twitter to complain…a lot. [Read More]

Mr. Dana Loesch Calls RiverFront Times to Complain About Their Correct Story

Mr. Dana Loesch, aka Chris Loesch, a frequent, but pseudonymed, commenter on all posts concerning Dana on this very site, has quite a reputation around town of appearing like Beetlejuice when someone mentions his wife’s name three times. No, it doesn’t matter if they are “attacking” her or just reporting, he still appears. The most recent sighting was the Riverfront Times where…well, I’ll let RFT reporter Chad Garrison tell you: [Read More]