Election 2010: Choose Your Own Adventure

[Update: Results graphic updated with the final two race results. Click for a larger view.] Wow! What an election season. We saw some great fights that turned out to be landslides, and things we thought were decided in October come down to the wire. We had the big push for that thing we both wanted to win and held hands while we found out that person we didn’t want to win take the victory and then went to Twitter to complain…a lot. [Read More]

Lacy Clay and Russ Carnahan Hate the Internet

Missouri Representatives Lacy Clay (D) and Russ Carnahan (D) hate the internet…or at least the old white guy with his hand up their asses is making them say that. A slew of House Democrats have sent a letter to the Federal Communications Commission warning the agency not to go forward with its plan to partially reclassify ISPs as common carriers, a move needed to impose net neutrality rules. “The uncertainty this proposal creates will jeopardize jobs and deter needed investment for years to come,” wrote Texas Congressman Gene Green on Monday. [Read More]

Russ Carnahan Isn’t Above the Law, but He is Across the River From It

Word has leaked, with the help of Republican Ed Martin that Missouri Representative Russ Carnahan skirts the property taxes on his 42 foot yacht by parking it across the river in Alton, Illinois. A state that has no property tax. As Americans prepare to file and pay their taxes, it’s come to light that Rep. Russ Carnahan may be skimping on his. The Congressman avoids paying personal property taxes on his 42-foot yacht by docking it in Alton, Illinois instead of his hometown. [Read More]