Apparently Honks Count for Congressional Votes Now

healthcarerally625oct20If you happen to drive around St. Louis at all today, you no doubt saw tons of people that either don’t have important jobs or jobs at all, manning the street corners with signs like “Honk for Health Care”, “Christians for Health Care”, “Honk so I don’t feel so alone.” or “I think this is doing something.”  [Editor’s Note: The last 2 might have been made up. We can’t remember all the different signs we saw today.]

You may have been confused.  “Wait did Obama change things so that honks count for congressional votes in my district?  Genius!  Think of the speed the government will move at.  …hmmm, wait, how will they tell the vote is for the left or the right side…eh, I guess they can just see if I have 17 ribbon magnets and Calvin peeing on a Muslim on the back window of my car as I drive by.”

No, good guess, that but thats not exactly right.  These people were just out there trying to stir up congress to get their act together and vote on what to do with health care…but, you know, vote the way they want.  Not that other way.  Ewww.

Also, the trick is to make your sign vague enough that you want to honk for it no matter which way to lean.  “Honk for Health Care?  No thanks, I hate health care.  I’ll just die from every paper cut I get like during the Civil War…also I hear leaches are good.”  We hear the 2nd place slogan was “Honk If You Hate Baby Rape!”

The events are part of a national effort today by Democratic Party leaders and allies who put pressure on Congress as Democrats try to work out differences in several health care bills.

This is so dumb.  The answer here is right in front of their face!  If your goal is to get people to be on board with a public health care option, don’t do some stupid honking poll, just go around beating the hell out of people.  See if they want some government paid health care then!  …and if it makes you feel better, beat their head in to their steering wheel to get a honk out of it too.

Photo credit: Laurie Skrivan/P-D