The Rams Traded Someone

Witherspoon_Feature_65736It was Wil Witherspoon.  Its ok if you’ve never heard of him, and if thats the case you are totally not going to know the guy we got for him, Brandon Gibson, a rookie wide receiver from the Eagles.

Here’s your scouting report from the Rams.  They are psyched.

“Brandon is a young receiver that we have followed since training camp,” Rams GM Billy Devaney said in a statement. “He has good size (6-0 and 210), good hands and had a very productive preseason. His familiarity with our offensive system should help his transition to our team.”

Witherspoon was considered one of the better veterans on the Rams so do you know what this means to the Rams?

Nothing.  Losing is losing.

via Jim Thomas at the Post Dispatch