New city attraction signs aren’t free to businesses

Short version: The city is dropping some cash to put up signs all over the place that point to various places of interest like famous restaurants, neighborhoods or attractions. Some are whining about this though when they found out that the signs will only be leading the way to attractions that have paid the city for the sign placement. There are lots of problems people can, and should, be complaining about, but this isn’t one of them. [Read More]

Missouri Spent $110,000 on Boring Welcome Signs

You know those signs states put up on their borders that you normally don’t pay attention to until the end of a really long road trip? (“Yea! Kentucky!”) Hold on to your butt because Missouri is revealing their all-new welcome signs! …and here they are! There it is! All $110,000 dollars worth. At this point we aren’t sure if making it part of it look like a Billy Joel cover was extra. [Read More]

Us: Forest Park Sucks to Drive Through, City: Here’s more signs.

Signs! That’s the ticket…the fix to all our troubles! More signs! That’s pretty much the reaction of the city when finally pushed to do something about the amazing traffic jams that surround Forest Park every time its nice and above 60 degrees. After last week’s park congestion, Forest Park, the Missouri Department of Transportation, St. Louis City Streets Department, St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and the park institutions met to work out a plan to improve traffic flow in Forest Park. [Read More]

Apparently Honks Count for Congressional Votes Now

If you happen to drive around St. Louis at all today, you no doubt saw tons of people that either don’t have important jobs or jobs at all, manning the street corners with signs like “Honk for Health Care”, “Christians for Health Care”, “Honk so I don’t feel so alone.” or “I think this is doing something.” [Editor’s Note: The last 2 might have been made up. We can’t remember all the different signs we saw today. [Read More]

This Lady Really Sucks at Sign Making

Recently there have been some pretty messed up violent crimes going down in the trendy Lafayette Square neighborhood of St.Louis City, so about 20 people took to the streets for a rally against the violence. Its all very sad and I hope what they did helps, but this lady above, picture on with the story is a horrible sign maker. It starts off great with the big “Are you part of the problem? [Read More]