University City Wants to Ruin Everything By Charging People to Park

You know what the best thing to do when you’re in charge of one of the few good, consistently busy areas of St. Louis? Make it so it’s more annoying to go there. City Manager Lehman Walker has proposed charging $1 for parking in the evenings — possibly starting as early as 4 p.m. — on two city-owned parking lots north of Delmar Boulevard; those lots are now free. The revenue is reflected in his proposal for the budget beginning July 1 but has not yet been considered by the council. [Read More]

The City’s New Revenue Plan: Phantom No Parking Signs

Oh those crafty folks running St. Louis! Parking tickets are a good revenue stream for the city, but what happens when people aren’t violating parking rules enough? If only we could make them think it was ok to park there and then say it wasn’t so they’d have to give us money? [ Scene: St. Louis City Budget Meeting] Mayor Slay: We need more money! The damn cops keep asking for more, we can’t cut any more services, we’re hemorrhaging people and we our plan to dig up and move North St. [Read More]

Jim Edmonds 15 Steakhouse Learns What a Difference a Letter Can Make

People around town have been getting the following email… From: Jim Edmonds’ F15teen Steakhouse Subject: Free Luxury Ride to the Guns N’ Roses Concert OMG the band that the 80’s left behind, Guns ‘n Roses are coming to town! Didn’t you hear? It must have been huge news considering the last time they took the stage here there was a “tussle” of some type (it was kinda big news)! It was everywhere right? [Read More]

Webster University Has a Parking Issue

This photo of someone’s witty reply to Mr. Gottlieb’s parking fine threat has been making the rounds today. Though according to the Webster University website there are 13 lots with various rules of who can park there and when, it’s not enough for some Webster students. One of them has a printer a couple thumb tacks and some free time. Also of note on the Webster University Parking Policy page is this little nugget: [Read More]

Us: Forest Park Sucks to Drive Through, City: Here’s more signs.

Signs! That’s the ticket…the fix to all our troubles! More signs! That’s pretty much the reaction of the city when finally pushed to do something about the amazing traffic jams that surround Forest Park every time its nice and above 60 degrees. After last week’s park congestion, Forest Park, the Missouri Department of Transportation, St. Louis City Streets Department, St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department and the park institutions met to work out a plan to improve traffic flow in Forest Park. [Read More]

KSDK vs St. Louis’ Finest: Its On Now!

KSDK vs St. Louis’ Finest: Its On Now!
A little while back we told you about the brewing war between St. Louis’ NBC affiliate KSDK and St. Louis Cops. It appears channel 5’s reporter Leisa Zigman didn’t feel reportery enough so she got out her fedora, tucked her press pass in the band and went off to uncover a scandal! Long story short, she didn’t find one. Instead, Zigman decided to do a “report” on St. Louis police officers parking in no-parking spaces throughout the city, including in front of their own station! [Read More]

Post Dispatch Uncovers Towing Scandal During Mardi Gras

Over the past eight months, the Post-Dispatch has revealed controversial ties between the police department and St. Louis Metropolitan Towing: perks given to the police chief’s daughter, questionable tactics used to gouge vehicle owners and hundreds of thousands of dollars the company kept from taxpayers. But the relationship proved most lucrative during one day each year: Mardi Gras’ major parade day. That was from the article in the Post Dispatch about the apparently many-layered scheme that originated from recently ousted Police Chief Joe “I keep looking dirtier every day” Mokwa. [Read More]